Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Raptors, Mejía

Here are some of the raptors seen in Mejía 13-16.11.
Red-backed Hawk, Immature
Turkey Vulture
Peregrine Falcon

Harris' Hawk


Finn Jørgensen said...

Hi, I look foreward to visit you in Desember this year and also to get this upertunity to look at raptors in the Mejia area.

The Red-backed Hawk, or Variable Hawk as named in Birds of Peru, could be seen in many different colors. This young bird has a barred tail without the black band as we can see at ad birds. Good pixture.
And the Turkey Vultures, I beleeve they are all over the place.
Peregrine Falcon, always nice to see a adult peregrine.
Harris Hawk, good pixture, even in this light conditions it is easy to observe the typical white tips on tail and also the white under tail covers. Good pixture.

By the way, can you mention the other raptor species you observed during your weekend in Mejia? Maybe only American Kestrel?


Tor Egil Høgsås said...

Turkey Vultures are everywhere! I also saw American Kestrel, Aplomado Falcon (not seen to often)and Cinereous Harrier (in the Sanctuary).