Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Along the road, Mejía

Some short stops along the road north of the Sanctuary produced several good photo opportunities 16.11.
Black-crowned Night-Heron blowing in the wind

Elegant Tern & Common Tern (and Franklin's Gulls)

Burrowing Owl


Faruk said...

Some of the best bird pictures I have seen!
I will be visiting Arequipa around August 2009. I will appreciate getting information regarding birding sites around Arequipa, particularly on how to visit the Mejia sanctuary from Arequipa. Did you do it on your own or did you take a tour with a tour company in Arequipa? How much was the cost?
Also any information on the camera used and lenses used will be greatly appreciated.
Faruk Kassam

Tor Egil Høgsås said...


Thanks for your comments! I'm living in southern-Peru right now and therefore I used my own car. I was not participating in a group either. I have been to Mejia several times and I know the place well.

It's possible to travel from Arequipa to Mollendo by bus (6-10 nuevos soles). It takes about two hours. From Mollendo you can take a smaller bus to Mejia (30minutes). Buses passing Meji(going to Cocachacra or further on)will also pass the entrance to the sanctuary a couple of kilometres south of Mejia village. You can also take a taxi from this village to the entrance (10 nuevos soles or maybe less). Here you also have an information centre with park guards, and you can receive some advices here. You also have to pay for the entrance (5 nuevos soles). If you are walking there are 3,5 kilometres from the entrance to the river mouth, and you will pass several lagoons with good views on your way. You have to return the same way but then you can go along the beach.

I'm not sure if there are some hotels in Mejia, but at least there are several in Mollendo. I will visit Mejia again in December. I will then check the sleeping facilities in the village. Let's stay in touch.

I'm not using an expensive camera. I have Nikon D-70s with Sigma APO 400 F/5.6. The lens received good critics when I bought it seven years ago, but I don't think Sigma produce this lens any more.

I will also visit Colca in December, so there will be some photos from this Condor hot spot on my blog at least in January. It is easy to visit Colca from Arequipa. Many companies arrange trips to the canyon. It is possible to stay several days in Colca if you want to.

All the best,
Tor Egil Høgsås
Norwegian right now living in Peru

Faruk said...

Thank you Tor.
I am corresponding with Pablo Tour in Arequipa for arranging a Misti Climb and a 7 day "Peru Trek" starting from Cabanaconde village (Colca canyon) and ending in Chachas and Agua villages.

I intend to visit Mejia on my own using your suggestion. I will probably stay 2 nights in Mollendo and take day trips to Mejia. Is August a good month to see the birds?

I look forward to hearing from you about the Mejia village and possible accomodation there.

Nikon indeed makes good cameras. I am currently investigating DSLR cameras and am leaning towards purchasing the new Sony A900 DSLR.