Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coots & Moorhens, Mejía

It is possible to see three Coots and one Moorhen in Mejía. I have earlier posted a photo of the rarely seen Giant Coot from Mejía (January 2008).
Red-fronted Coot is a scares bird in the Sanctuary. Only 30 birds are present here (and in Peru). It is possible to confuse this bird with Andean Coots shoving a red front shield. But Red-fronted Coot has a more flat front shield and more white at the tail than the Andean Coot. It is also smaller than this species. The colour of the bill and the upperparts also distinguishes Red-fronted Coot from Common Moorhen.

Andean Coot (left) with red front shield and yellowish bill, and Common Moorhen (right)

Red-fronted Coot (once more)

Andean Coot with white front shield and bill.


Finn Jørgensen said...

Hi Tor Egil, many thank for posting several pixtures of Red-fronted Coot. It was nice to see photo of the white on tail, the headshape with this special shield, color on bill and shield. When I reading in the field guide they highlight that it is quite seldom to see the Red-fronted Coot in open areas, but you have exelent pixtures of the bird you observe, so what do you think about my upertunity to get this bird on my list during my visit together with you?

Brgds your friend, Finn

Tor Egil Høgsås said...

We are going to see the bird (category A); I know how to find it. We will maybe not have the chance to take good photos of it, but you newer know... The observation I did last Sunday together with Ernesto is my best ever of this species. We saw the bird in a small lagoon were we have not seen it earlier.

Ernesto Málaga (who is in charge of the Sanctuary) will stay in Mejía when we are there, and we will do some birding together with him. We will also have a good chance to see locally scarce birds as Tawny-throated Dotterel (early in the morning) and Cinereous Harrier (probably breeding) in the Sanctuary.