Friday, August 31, 2007

Chiguata above Arequipa 31.08.07

The Red-backed (Variable)
Hawk, regular in Chiguata
(3000 m.). In my opinion this
is a valid species.

Black Metaltail, I saw four of this endemic today!

The two last birds: White-thoated Eartcreeper (above), and Bar-winged Cinclodes (under). The White-throated Earthcreeper is rang resticted, however it is quite easy to see this species in Chiguata. It is possible to enlarge the photos.

Garden Birds in Arequipa

The Night Herons are quite common here in Arequipa. They were not so common 10 years ago. Here are some photos from Arequipa. Two photos of juvenile Night Herons and one photo of Chiguanco Thrush.