Monday, August 10, 2009

Endemic birds in Bolivia

"Hacienda siete cascadas" is a guest house were you can rest, eat & sleep. This is an old restored Spanish "hacienda", and it is a good place to look at birds as well. With some luck most of the specialties in the area can bee seen here in a day or two. I saw many good species, including the two endemics that are quite easily seen here, in about two hours. The turn off to this hacienda lies between the airport and the city center here in Sucre. In this post you can see a Bolivian Blackbird. You might notice some of the differences between this bird and a Shiny Cowbird: The plumage is not so bright, the bill is somewhat stronger and you can also see some brownish on the wing. All these characters distinguish the Bolivian Blackbird from a Shiny Cowbird. Normally you also hear the characteristic "cho-pe" before you see the bird.

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