Saturday, August 1, 2009


Chiguata is my homepatch one again (last time back in 1995/96), there is nothing more relaxing than a walk in this area. The people are gentle and the scenery extraordinary. There are also a lot of interesting birds in the area, just around Chiguata itself there are 70+ species to be seen, but if you add the polilepis wood and "Salinas" we talk about 140+ species.

White-throated Earthcreeper is one of the specialities in the area.
The church in Chiguata.

A colourful Black-hooded Sierra-Finch is hiding between the branches.

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Peter Choate said...

Cool! I wish I had a good camera when I went to chiguata. I took notes on some of the trails around there going to cachamarca and cariri.