Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More birds from Chaparri, Chiclayo

White-headed Brush-Finch

Golden-bellied Grosbeak

Collared Antshrike

Amazilian Hummingbird


Finn Jørgensen said...

rVikingIIHi, as I can see of your picture it looks like the osprey has catch a fish without head. Did you feed the eagle and wait for the right picture?
I hope to get a spot of the Amazilia Hummingbird in Lima. A good picture of this species. The Antshrike looks like a nice bird, but I do not think I will find this during my visit, eigther the Brush-Finch or the Grosbeak.


Tor Egil Høgsås said...

Well, I didn't give the Osprey the fish; I guess he found it in the nearby lagoon (no less than three fishing there. The Osprey was eating the fish at the top of a cactus when we came by, then he took off with his prey.

Tor Egil Høgsås said...

The Grosbeak is possible, but not wery likely. We probably have to walk some hours.