Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chaparri, Chiclayo 06.12.08

I visited this small reserve last week. I just had four hours in the area, and the local guide Tomas Salazar helped me find the birds. Juan Carrasco has the responsibility for all the day visitors (not for those who are going to sleep in the reserve), and he arranged the visit in a very professional manner. No less than 10 (or maybe more) White-winged Guans were seen.
Walking on the path


Visiting the dining table

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luke said...

Hi Tor Egil,

Chaparri Reserve recently launched a new website, I donated my time to work on it. It is multi-lingual (English, Spanish and German) and includes lots of images of birds in the gallery section, including the elusive Tumbes Tyrant (Tumbezia salvini)

Perhaps you would be kind enough to update your blog and include a link to the website?


Many thanks for your support with this unique, community run conservation project.