Thursday, March 6, 2008

Parque ecologico, Alto Selva Alegre, Arequipa 06.03.08

Cactus Canastero (immature). More to be publiched, but not on the blog.

Greenish Yellow-Finch, singing male.

Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch, male

I visited this spot togheter with, among others, Mauricio Ugarte-Lewis today. This is a protected (but threatened) area with cactus just outside Arequipa. Several good birds as the photos indicates. I saw both Mourning Sierra-Finch, Greenish Yellow-Finch and the Cactus Canastero feed on the fruits of the cactus.

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Unknown said...

hi!! I live Arequipa and i'm student of Architecture. We are doing a project for the ecological park there. Great photos!! I will use them to inspirate my project!