Monday, March 3, 2008

Birds in Juliaca 2

Here are some pictures from a small lake close to "Salida Cusco" still within the city (28 February). The lake lies just 5 minutes from my office! Here I saw 10 Titicaca Grebes, and it looks like they still reproduce here as they did 10 years ago.

To reach the lake you take the road leading to Cusco, you can se the lake at the right hand side after a few minutes (before the bridge). You can stop at the gas station "Fama" and walk the 50 meters down to the shore.

I visited the lake in the afternoon, and the pictures have the blue light that you often have here at Altiplano.

Titicaca Grebe
White-tufted Grebe with a fish

Silvery Grebes

Titicaca Grebes, one at a nest?

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