Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Juliaca - Arica trip

We had a short trip to Arica were the kids renewed their peruvian visas. More pictures in the next post.

Blackish Oyster- catcher, Arica 29.10.07

Turkey Vulture, Arica 29.10.07

Chilean Flamingo, close to Laguna Lagunillas (Peru) 30.10.07


Gledwood said...

Those are wonderful pixx.

I take it the "turkey vulture" is what I knew as a "turkey buzzard" when I was a kid... just like a "water rat" is called a "water vole" today...?

Tor Egil Høgsås said...

Thank you for the comment. The Turkey Vulture is a really special bird.

Tor Egil Høgsås said...

I guess that "Turkey Vulture" is what you called "Turkey Buzzard" although I have not heard that name earlier. Turkey Vulture is also present in North-America.