Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ground-Tyrant 3

I think that this is White-browed Ground-Tyrant, but I am not sure if it is possible to rule out Puna Ground-Tyrant. Does anyone have any suggestions? The pictures are from Chiguata at 3000 m 31.07.07. Altitude, location (farmland) and supercilium (behind eye) indicates White-browed Ground-Tyrant.


Wim ten Have said...

I agree with your identification.
I am like you, a "gringo" living in Peru. I lived in Arequipa, but I did n´t see this species before, near Chiguata. Or misidentified it as Rufous-naped perhaps.

Tor Egil Høgsås said...

Thank you for commenting the picture. It is my first observation of White-browed Ground-Tyrant in Chiguata. I have seen the Puna Grond-Tyrant near Salinas at 4000 m. During my last visit I also had Southern Yellow Grosbeak for the first time in Chiguata. I have heard rumours about its presence there after the last “el ninjo” (1997). By the way, I hope to visit northern Peru again. I stayed in Chiclayo a week ten years ago.

Tor Egil