Friday, April 23, 2010

Santa Cruz airport, Bolivia (Second Part)

Grassland Sparrow, this is a small sparrow, and it is possible to see the yellow lore on this bird. Grassland Sparrow could be confused with Yellow-browed Sparrow. However, the Yellow-browed Sparrow has more yellow on the face, and lives in a different habitat.
Bobolink, northern migrant in its winter plumage.

Wedge-tailed Grassfinch (next two photos), it's possible to see the pointed tail at the second photo, and at the first photo the birds shove the prominent black streaking at the back.

Crowned Slaty-Flycatcher.

Some more pictures from this day with clouds and rain 09 of November 2009. The pictures are not very colorful, but they might help you to identify passerines in pastures a rainy day in this area.

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