Friday, October 9, 2009

Rusty-vented Canastero

Rusty-vented Canastero at the announcement board.
Caching insects.

The nest in Molle 03.10.09

Several months I have tried to take some decent photos of the quite cryptic Rusty-vented Canastero. It’s a bird that rarely perches in the open, and most of my photos are either distant or only a part of the bird is visible. However, some weeks ago a bird looked for insects hopping on the announcement board at the wall opposite to my office window. The bird visited the announcement board several times a day during the next couple of days, and I managed to take some photos of the bird. Rusty-vented Canastero belongs to the Creamy-breasted Canastero complex together with amongst others Dark-winged Canastero. Here in Sucre the Rusty-vented Canastero builds almost exclusively the nest in trees (mostly Molle), and not in Cactus like the Dark-winged Canastero.

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