Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jardín Botánico, Santa Cruz 07.09.09

Black-fronted Nunbird, it is easily seen in the forest next to the oxbow lake.
Wood Stork, this is maybe the first observation in this area, although it is not a rare bird in the lowlands.
Spot-backed (Caatinga) Puffbird, not included in the list published several years ago, but now probably quite common at least seasonally.

Blue-crowned Motmot

Jardín Botánico in Santa Cruz lies close to the city center, and the forest is well preserved. The area contains both Chaco and Semi-tropical forest, and close to the entrance you can also find an oxbow lake adding some waterfowl to the birdlist. More than 200 species of birds have been observed in the area. The wind was quite strong when I visited the park this Monday morning, but I still managed to see 60+ species.

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